• The Malta Highway Code (English), see Part III – Rules for Cyclists [Download]

  • Low Powered Vehicles and Pedal Cycles, Subsidiary Legislation 65.26 [Download]



  • Government of Malta – Grant on the Purchase of a Bicycle [Learn more]

  • Grant on the Purchase of Bicycles/Pedelecs for the purpose of Hire [Learn more]

  • Government of Malta – Application for a Government Grant on the installation of bicycle racks/ancillary facilities in localities or within enerprises’ premises [Download]


Reports & Studies

  • Cycling Roundabouts in Malta – Cycling Safety Issues at Local Roundabouts and Solutions to Improve Safety (Feb 2020) [Download]

  • The Road to Sustainable Mobility Synthesis Report by the Wageningen University and Research group (2019) [Download]

  • BAG Malta – Evaluation of proposed bicycle infrastructure in the rebuilding project of Triq Bormla (2017) [Download]
  • Institute For Climate Change And Sustainable Development – The External Costs Of Passenger And Commercial Vehicles Use In Malta [Download]

  • External Costs of Transport in Europe Update Study for 2008, Delft, CE Delft (2011) [Download]

  • Effects of Bicycle Lanes on Traffic Flow (1974) [Download]


  • National Statistics Office – Environment, Transport and Agriculture Statistics [Visit]

  • National Statistics Office – Road Traffic Accidents [Visit]


  • Transport Malta – National Transport Strategy and Transport Master Plan [Download]

  • Transport Malta – National Cycling Strategy and Action Plan for the Maltese Islands (November 2018) [Download]

  • BAG – Feedback on the National Cycling Strategy and Action Plan (31 January 2019) [Download]


  • ECF – The European Cyclists’ Federation [Visit]

  • ECF – EU Cycling Strategy – 2017 [Download]

  • EuroVelo – Discover Europe by bike! [Visit]

  • European Cycling Lexicon – 2019 [Download]

  • The European Commission – Clean/Urban transport [Read more]

  • World Health Organisation – Walking and cycling [Read more]

  • United Nations – World Bicycle Day 3 June [Read more]