Road Victims in Malta

A memorial for all those victims whose lives were cut short.

We believe each victim is more than just a number on a national statistics table; they were people with families, dreams and ambitions who had their lives tragically cut short on the public road.

Maltese roads have become a source of constant fear and danger for the island’s inhabitants. Despite efforts to reduce the number of road deaths, the situation seems to be only getting worse. The lack of strict laws and enforcement mechanisms has created a culture of impunity on Maltese roads, where drivers feel free to engage in dangerous behaviour with little fear of consequences.

The current road infrastructure in Malta is inadequate and dangerous. Government agencies keep designing wide roads which encourage speeding, in the hope of increasing the traffic flow. However, this was already tried, tested, and failed in European countries. This, combined with the lack of consistent enforcement, creates an environment where accidents are almost inevitable.

The high number of road deaths on Maltese roads is a result of the systemic failure of legislation, enforcement, and infrastructure. The government must take swift action to address this issue and ensure the safety of all road users. This can be achieved by imposing strict penalties on dangerous driving behavior, improving enforcement mechanisms, and investing in the development of safer road infrastructure. Only by taking these steps can we hope to reduce the number of road deaths on Maltese roads and create a safer environment for all.

Road Victims in Malta

Photo Gallery Memorial

The photos below are all obtained from public news articles or Facebook memorial pages and are displayed in random order with each page load. This was done on purpose, because a life lost years ago should still remind us how far we still need to go to avoid more road deaths.

If you would like to add a missing photo, or have one removed from here, please reach out to us on [email protected]

Malta Road Deaths Map

Years of effort have been put into tracing each possible known individual and compiling this map, from several sources such as news reports and public social media posts.


Black: Confirmed location
Red: Unconfirmed location, as described in each respective case

Although rare, a few cases are up to interpretation. Therefore the respective individuals were noted separately but not included in the map, as their occurred death might or seemed to have not been related to their crash. If you find a mistake, have more information or know of an unmapped case, do not hesitate to contact on [email protected]