About Rota

We inspire people to cycle to work, to shop, to meet friends, to have fun and to get fit.

We advocate to all those who cycle in Malta, be it parents, students, pensioners, athletes, workers, employers, commuters and children. We push the government to deliver on their obligations towards all road users. We propose solutions to guide their efforts so we can all have the opportunity to experience the bicycle as a viable means of getting from one place to the other. Whenever you grab your bicycle to go to the grocer, friend or the office, we are part of your journey.

So what do we do?


We are committed to take action to support the cause of cycling whenever the opportunity arises.


We try to contact and influence decision-makers in ways that are favourable to cycling.


We harness our own expertise and that of our members for those in need of advice in many different aspects of cycling.


We express and promote principles of best practice by all road users regarding the bicycle.


We work alongside other groups when their aspirations and ours enjoy common overlap.


We organise events of different kinds in order to bring the cycling community  together and develop it further.


Erica Scerri

After years of wasting time sitting in traffic and looking for parking outside my home I decided to make the giant leap in the right direction. I bought an ebike. Everyone thought I was mad, everyone still asks how I manage with the traffic, and the heat, and the hills, and all sorts of other imaginary hurdles I too was apprehensive about. What I learnt is that with a little bit of ingenuity, and a willingness to change some old habits, life on a bike is far more enjoyable, healthier and much less stressful. And yes! The dog, with his ears flapping in the wind, is much happier too.

Marie Briguglio

We are a multimodal family combining the use of our bicycles, motorbike, car, bus, taxi or simply walking it - depending on the journey. Cycling is perfect for trips to work and running errands. No time wasted looking for parking, energizing and fun.

Luke Abela

I’ve been cycling regularly for the past 3 years. I started off with the occasional commute to Uni and started becoming more confident on the street, until this replaced my daily car commute. I also recently took up triathlon, which means more time on the bike and an excuse to buy a new one!

Zarifa Datch

My MTB has taken me places buses and cars couldn't. Cycling to work, to meet friends or for a detour has been challenging, yet a fruitful experience. It has assisted in accomplishing small goals, such as commuting to the preferred destinations despite the long distances, and eliminating the fear of riding amongst other vehicles.

Support the Cause

Be the message

Your actions can go a long way, so be proactive and change will ensue. People admire movers, shakers and change-makers! Believe in the cause and let people in on it. Let them see how great the cause really is rather than shoving it down their throats. Encourage a colleague or a friend to cycle with you to work or uni once, let them taste the sweet freedom you so proudly embrace!

€12 a year, that’s the equivalent of 6 coffees, a standard Netflix subscription for one month, or the oil needed to service your bike for 2 years! If that's not enough for you, you also get benefits of being a member (discounts, what else would anyone want?)

Donate or Sponsor

You can donate any amount you like, whether it’s for our generic cause or for a specific initiative which you truly believe in. Whether it’s €5, €500 or €5000, every contribution helps! Having this kind of support will allow us to reach more people, strengthen our message and introduce new initiatives! 

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