I grew up in an era when a bicycle was the ultimate accessory – souped up Choppers and BMXs ruled the day (think Stranger Things). I had a rather uncool folding Legnano, but it did the job. Bikes were strewn on the ground wherever I met up with my friends. We cycled everywhere. If we didn’t cycle, we roller-bladed, holding on to the back of bikes. But bicycles disappeared from my life for almost 30 years, as one car after the other banished them from use. One day, I was sitting in traffic and I realised I was wasting my life – I could be getting exercise if I walked! Well I tried walking ….but I found it to be impossibly dangerous without pavements. So I decided to try cycling again. I bought a small folding bike …but the hills were too tough. So I bought an electric folding bike. …then I joined this group …and now, not only have I re-discovered the sense of freedom that the bicycle gave me as a girl, but I have also made a new group of friends. That’s my cycling story!