On my way up from Ghar Lapsi late afternoon today, I slowed down to greet a farmer who waved me over. He was calling it a day and preparing to head back home for some good earned rest.

Following a chat about his family and younger days, ‘il-Lixxu’ invited me over in one of his fields. He picked up his nicest broccoli and turnip and asked me to accept them as a gift. It was a very special moment – it has been ages since I handled such fresh produce. While the bright red sun prepared to dip below the horizon, we exchanged greetings and headed on our ways – ‘il-Lixxu’ to Burmarrad and ‘the cyclist’ to Zebbug. I promised to pay him a visit and bring him a bottle of wine, which, I learned, he adores!

A few minutes later, we crossed paths again …. ‘il-Lixxu’ stopped on the side of the detour to Fawwara to feed a dog that usually roams around his fields.

These are priceless moments which are only possible either during a walk or cycling.

Thanks for making my day ‘Lixxu’!!!