A new visual identity intertwining sustainability and mobility with the human element

The Bicycle Advocacy Group (BAG) was due for a holistic rebranding and after deliberate consultations and brainstorming within the committee and the members, BAG has evolved into Rota. Rota is an NGO in Malta that promotes safe cycling on behalf of various categories of road-user.

Rota, a short and catchy Maltese word referring to the bicycle, is now synonymous with our NGO, encapsulating perfectly what we stand for. The word has twin meanings (bicycle and wheel), which revolve around the objects at the centre of our activities. Our new visual identity intertwines the values of sustainability and mobility with the human element. The logo, conceived by Ed Dingli, a local designer and illustrator, integrates the following 3 elements:

  • “S” for sustainability, half rotated, forms the wheels
  • “R” standing for Rota, forms the frame.
  • The logo as a whole depicts a person on a bicycle, thus emphasising the centrality of the cyclist.

We believe this change will give a new dimension to our work and help us to connect with more people.

Rota Logo

Rota augurs that people will continue to identify with this NGO’s cause for safe bicycle commuting. Additionally, Rota strives to establish a stronger presence with stakeholders who work to enhance the lives of people in Malta. If you’d like to get in touch with any ideas or queries, kindly contact us on [email protected]


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rotadotmt

Instagram: rota.mt

About Rota

Rota is an NGO that advocates for safe cycling in Malta. Most of this NGO’s work is focused around raising awareness on bicycle commuting, micromobility and harnessing the excessive use of cars particularly in a small country like Malta where distances are short and can be traversed quite easily also by using other forms of mobility. Rota liaises with the authorities to ensure that new and current road infrastructural projects allow safe bicycle mobility, and collaborates with other local e-NGOs, communities and Local Councils in efforts which enhance the environmental experience of the people living in Malta. Most of Rota’s members use their bicycle for commuting, however there are also a significant number of members who use their bicycle for competitive sports or leisure, where road safety is also paramount.

Rota is also an active member of the European Cycling Federation (ECF) and is currently contributing to a number of local and European projects concerned with mobility or environmental awareness.